Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Update and DnD With Kids!

It's been a while since I posted. I know, my bad.

Gaming during the holidays had been difficult. I think everyone can relate to that. I have a game I started with my eleven year old nephews and ten year old niece during their holiday break this year that has turned out to be pretty fun.

Back when I was around that age I started running D&D for my friends. I bought a couple of 2nd edition books with garage sale money and ran things for a couple of friends. One of those friends, now my step-brother, has three kids. After talking one day we decided to introduce the game to the kids.

Yes, we're starting them off with 2nd edition! I know. I am a huge fan of DCC and Swords and Wizardry. Even 3E or 4E might of been easier for them to start with, but I grew up with 2nd edition, and I love it. What was good enough for me should be good enough for them.

It's weird seeing how the kids interact with the game world. Growing up on video games (like Skyrim) has given them insight in to the way games are played. Some of the best moments have been:

When Zion made his fighter, he went through my bins of miniatures and pulled out every possible warrior-type, then had them fight to the death in a play-fight with sound effects until one of them was the victor. That was the one he chose to use as his miniature.

Taylin, the youngest at ten, didn't want to come to the first session. She came at the second session after hearing the boys talk about it. Her first words on arrival "I want to slit some throats too!". She has been the most blood thirsty of the children thus far.

Malcolm is the oldest, but only a little older than Zion. He is the most laid back of the kids. It's been fun to see him threaten the fighter with a sleep spell on numerous occasions. They have, of course, determined that sleep is the best spell - as it lets them slit throats without challenge.

Malcolm plays Farengar, an elven wizard and apprentice to the master wizard of his town. Loves sleep spells.

Zion plays Altiar, a human fighter who specializes in the broadsword and murders goblins. Loves to brag, and has become the parties tactical leader - though often does very suicidal things.

Taylin plays Serena "Flutterdie", an elven Ranger who loves to slit throats and shoot arrows at monsters - and threaten her brothers with the same.

We also have their dad playing a halfling thief, and another friend playing a cleric of Pelor.