Friday, September 13, 2013

Too Many Ideas - Not Enough Time

I would consider myself a pretty creative guy. Sometimes it feels like ideas just keep growing and growing, and I need to get them down on paper before my mind explodes. I get a little obsessive creating a new setting, or an adventure, or a totally new roleplaying system. Sometimes they ideas develop into something I use. Often times they just get forgotten in a notebook. Regardless, I feel better for putting the thoughts down and on paper and allowing my mind to move on to something else.
This post is going to be composed of random thoughts on gaming, weird ideas I have and some inspirational pictures found online.
I like the look of this little guy. Makes me think of a gnome. In fact, I would love if this is what gnomes looked like - or some gnome like alternative in my game. Something that looks a lot less human than the standard gnome. It looks friendly, but also alien. Something you could see living in the depths of the earth, inventing weird things and crafting strange magics in the dark. I'm going to call his race the Tovi.
The Tovi are distant relatives to the goblins, but also share some dwarven mixed blood somewhere else down the line. They are creatures of the earth, that prefer the deep dark places, and are perfectly at home in the Mythic Underworld. They are generally good natured, yet cunning and mischievous. This puts them at odds with the various other creatures that inhabit the deep dark places.


The Tovi live in very alien labyrinths of their own design. Organic yet crafted, often smoothed stone and metal are used in the construction of their communities. They care less about symmetry, and claim to be "listening to the earth" as they craft, which gives a very chaotic appearance to their tunnels and rooms.

The Tovi live in large communities, from hundreds to thousands in a series of these twisted tunnels and labyrinths. They have a strong sense of community, but their minds are a little bent. Leaving most of them toward the neutral alignment. Lawful members of the community tend to be the leaders and spiritual deacons, where as the chaotic members of the society tend to be the trap-crafters, soldiers and spies that put their bent minds to work to weaken the dangerous other inhabitants of the deep dark.

The Tovi are terrified of the Dwellers in the Dark, and work endlessly to protect themselves from the madness that those beings spread. They construct death-trapped hallways and rooms, lures for the beings of chaos, insulating their community from the rest of the mythic underground.

Perhaps I will stat these guys up as a DCC race at some point in the future. I could see these making interesting additions to a party once contact has been made with a colony of them. They are likely to be the only allies the PCs would find in the deepest reaches of the earth.

Random Setting Idea: Dying Earth and Science Fantasy

A world of laser, sword and spell

I really, really, really want to run a game with a mix of fantasy and sci-fi. Some hardcore, heavy metal themed world of crashed alien spaceships, wicked monsters and barbarians. Barrier Peaks and Cthulhu all over the place. Mad Max with a broadsword, some influences thrown in from Borderlands, Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards and Dying Earth. The idea has my brain simmering with excitement. I just don't know when I will have the time to run this with my current games I am doing - or if I will even have any interest. It's been my experience in the past that players don't like Sci-Fi in their Fantasy.

Oh, and the setting has to have gratuitous nudity and scantily clad female warriors. This is a must.

What happened to this world? Well.. I don't know yet. In my head the world had become very advanced. Similar to the world depicted in the Dying Earth series. The world is near the end of it's life time. Humanity had become very advanced but something has happened - some great disaster or catastrophe. Things have been set back to a much more barbaric time. Magic exists now. Dark things creep into our world through cracks in the fabric of reality. Alien ships have crashed, and some of the high technology functions for those who can hold on to it.

It is a world of conflict and war. A world where the strong rule over the weak. Where magic reigns and life is cheap.

This is a setting I really want to run.
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